Monday, September 13, 2010

"I don't want to live on this planet anymore." (Part I)

One of the principles of human society is conflict. Whether between ideas (string theory) ideals (democracy) or morals (capital punishment) there is always a component of contention: nothing is ever universally agreed upon. Some would argue it's a positive trait of humanity, since scientific methods of inquiry revolve around questioning. But at some point; some things simply reach a point at which they are not just beyond all reasonable doubt, but all doubt.* The Earth orbits the Sun. Everyone that believes otherwise is ignoring such massive amounts of evidence that I feel almost guilty insulting them. Almost. 

Simply put, if you still take the word of the Church over the enormous quantities of evidence that humanity can present to show that there is indeed a G-type main sequence star that all planets in our solar system orbit, you should be certified insane. There is no mass-cultural delusion or brainwashing of children that religion employs to create blindness to reason in it's adherents. 

Simply stupidity:

In case you were wondering where the quote that is the title of this post came from:

*(Although sometimes there is simply not enough evidence anywhere: while evolution is now supported by a body of such vast amounts of evidence that most rational thinkers would have to abandon their sanity to insist it's incorrect, there is a massive part of the population that is not so enlightened.)


  1. hahaha. I read this because i always say i want to live on mars by myself because of the sheer stupidity of humanity.

  2. religious fundamentalists should die.