Thursday, September 16, 2010

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As always, my (mostly successful) attempts to find the worthwhile material underneath all the crap of Lolcats and YouTube video of people being injured. 

A moving letter by Mother who lost her son to an illegitimate war.  

Roughly my opinion:

Some amazing artwork.

A humorous take on a distinctly interesting subject:

The pathetic thing is, this list probably isn't comprehensive. At least the bible isn't just full of crap; it's also full of contradictions.

Evidence that yes, uranium is a non-renewable resource, but that there isn't quite the shortage that the anti-nuclear corner seems to believe in.

More corporate exploitation. (Wow, there seems to be a theme somewhere!)

In my opinion, likely the best XKCD ever.

It does sound as if there is some truth to the claim.

If you haven't seen the tower being free-climbed, then I'll direct you over to Boing-Boing. I have a fear of heights that however inconveniencing, still made watching this in full-screen quite an adventure. 

Sarah Palin + EFF + bullshit TOS. 

Great Wired article. 

Nothing but good news on here, eh?

Just because I want to stop explaining this to the employees at electronics stores.

If you don't know why America has a lacking system of public transportation: 

Laugh of the day: 

It just do happens that I love TED.

I watched both, and enjoyed them: nothing revolutionary, but still should be enough to return pro-DRM back to the world where the rest of us live.


I really enjoyed this, although I doubt it will mean much if you don't have an interest in LOTR, although you never know.

I'll leave it at that. If you have anything I might be interested in, send it my way. Remember, proper credit is a right, not a gift, not optional.

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