About Me

I'm an avid reader, environmentalist, sarcastic cynic, self-professed nerd, and entirely unprofessional writer. My amateur interests span almost all known fields of human knowledge, and a few things that I doubt anyone else is aware of. 

Sports I enjoy include hockey, volleyball and Stumbleupon.

Dungeons & Dragons was a formative part of my creative development, along with Tolkien. My reading spans both fiction and non-fiction, and specific reviews, lists and ideas are posted on my blog.

Cory Doctorow, as XKCD has said, is a superhero blogger (and excellent writer) that flies around in a blimp

My favorite bands vary, but generally encompass the more "hardcore" strains of music outside the mainstream genres and artists that typify MTV.

http://www.flamesandfallacy.blogspot.com is my personal weblog. I write not for fame or for treasure (or whatever the equivalent is for bloggers) but to be an creator, and uploader, in our world of consumption, consumers, and downloading.