Monday, February 28, 2011

To: Vegetarians, Vegans.

The lipid hypothesis and vegetarianism/veganism have both been extensively discredited.

What we are left with is not a genuine, rational, position with any significant scientific support, but a motley collection of undereducated, unqualified, nutritionists desperate to justify the existence of their careers with pathetic arguments from authority and blatant deceit, researchers who cannot distinguish between hard facts and casual correlation and appear to simply have no concept of the difference between correlation and causation. Morally, there is little reason to abandon the consumption of meat: there are numerous compelling reasons to abandon factory-farmed food, but that is an entirely different topic altogether.

In short, read skeptically, and then decide on the correct answer, not on whatever conclusion will make you feel special, or provide ever-so-precious ammunition in your own self-righteous war on the human condition.

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