Sunday, July 11, 2010

What they should be doing

Now, I may often feel frustrated with the government. OK, my general state of existence is frustration, but why is it that they're so blind as to not recognize an excellent opportunity?

Now, if you gave these people a few million to buy land and equipment (or either, if the government already owned it) they could do a lot: in one stroke, people would have something resembling a job, a sense of something happening, and food. But not just any food: fresh, healthy, local, likely organic food. This is food that could be used to replace the corn-syrup carbohydrates that seems to pass as food these days that most of the city is consuming. It wouldn't be a ton, but it would be a good start to rebuilding the community.
Or, you could give some businesses a bigger stimulus package. I would like to say something sarcastic, like "your pick", but it would be wrong: because it's not your pick, it's a bunch of the wealthy and the powerful deciding exactly how they plan to launder the money this time. And it makes me angry, because these are some people that would actually do something with it, instead of just squandering it on more corporate profits.

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