Monday, July 5, 2010

What is the G20?

Today, someone asked me what the G20 was.

I really wasn't sure what to do: do I give him the condensed version from Wikipedia? Or do I reply with my standard sarcastic, rather cynical interpretation?

So, what do I think about the G20 summit in Toronto? Annoyed by the massive waste of money on "security" and embarrassed by the way that Canada's police force has behaved, and cynical about the purposes of the meeting.

First of all, the waste of money. Really, why can't this meeting be held in an out of the way lodge in the Swiss Alps? "Oh, transparency!" we all cry. Yea, well, a billion dollars later, and all we have are a bunch of cops making sure that not a single individual can get within sight of the meeting. How's that for transparency? And doesn't that say something when the government needs police that are increasingly resembling a paramilitary combat force?

The police abuses that make me ashamed to say that I'm a Canadian:
 So what do I think that the G20 is all about?

It's a gathering of the richest, most powerful leaders in the world coming together in an orgy of self-importance to discuss their own success, and decide how to move forward with keeping the rest of the world underneath their heel. 

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