Friday, July 9, 2010

Open Email to HP This article got me considering yet another privacy issue, so I went to, and got the info for my printer. I am aware that non-lasers do not have embedded tracking... yet. This is simply an exercise to see how they handle the inquiries. If enough people are aware, care, and ask/complain about it, then they will remove it.  

I sent the following through the internal HP system:
I've been a customer of yours for quite a while now, and own a laptop and printer. My family all use HP products.

My concern however, is that there are tracking measures embedded in my printer. I understand the need to prevent counterfeiting, but I somehow doubt that my Deskjet D4360 could actually be used to print money.

Is my printer taking part in a practice that I consider very concerning from a privacy standpoint? If so, do you have any printers that do not?

 EDIT: I will post the response. (If I receive one, that is.) 

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  1. "Your inquiry has been received
    Thank you for your feedback or request for information. You will receive a response from HP Education Services within 1-3 business days, depending on which country you are in. If you need an immediate answer to your question, please call an hp education services center near you."

    Let's see if they stick to their word.