Friday, July 30, 2010

Corporations in early Dystopian novels.

The most famous Dystopian novel of all time, 1984 , contains not a single reference to corporations, or any form of privatized industry that I can recall. Come to mention it, neither did Brave New World. Obviously, when these novels were written and published, no one could have predicted the rise of corporations: sure, there was big business, but the government was seen as much more of a threat to privacy, as it probably was. 

Now, however, the government is held in check by the interests of industry - little change is conducted without the blessing of the monoliths that we have chosen to lift above our heads. Without the recording industry and it's associated groups and lobbyists, how much interest would the government have in cracking down on piracy? Sure, creators would complain, and then developed new ways to make money. Big Brother doesn't watch us: that outsources to security firms. Big Brother doesn't educate us: that's left to television and advertising. 

When you examine the roles that corporations now play, buisness seems to resemble Big Brother more than the government.

In honour of this, I will be referring to it as Big Brother Inc. 

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